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I am collecting stories.  

All stories will remain anonymous.

No complete story will be used, only common words, themes, and images will be extrapolated.

Our experiences inevitably shape who we are. Parents, friends, strangers, children, and lovers each give and take from our selves. Places do the same. At times they reject and agitate us and at times they embrace and comfort us.  In turn, we give to and take from people and places we encounter.  There are strangers we meet for only a moment that linger for a lifetime and there are those people whose lives are so intricately entwined with ours that we can’t tell where they begin and where we end.  This collection of experiences is our story and every story deserves to be told— and heard.

Experiences are unique, but they are also universal, and the same stories are told generation after generation.  In order to change the future, I believe we must examine the past with honesty and humility while paying attention to the stories that continue to be told despite the collective perception that they are no longer relevant to our time.  With this collection of words, I hope I can bring attention to the stories we’d rather forget still exist. With awareness comes the ability to enact change.


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